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By: Robert A. Hunt Jr.

Two mysteries are solved in this book, one in the Old Testament, and one in the New Testament.  The prophet Daniel was told to, “shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”  Many scholars believe the increase of knowledge is referring to the advancing of modern technology at the time of the end.  Well, there’s no denying that technology has increased tremendously, especially in the 21st century.  It’s also true that technology will play a large role at the time of the end.  However, Daniel’s prophecy has absolutely nothing to do with modern technology, but it has everything to do with the time of the end.  Although these two mysteries were separated by hundreds of years, they are very much related.  And connecting them together has led to astonishing new revelations that provide more details about the resurrection/rapture and much more.
No doubt, t
he rapture has become a very controversial subject among Christians today, and some don’t even believe it will happen.  The apostle Paul called it a profound mystery.  Christ’s disciples asked Him for the sign of His coming and the end of the age (Matt. 24:3).  Yet many scholars today, don’t believe that Matthew 24 has anything to do with the rapture, but only the second coming instead.  Many other scholars believe it relates to both, the rapture and the second coming.  But what if both of those beliefs are incorrect?  Suppose the sign of the Son of man and the gathering of His elect in Matthew 24 is only the rapture, and not His physical second coming to the earth.  That would change everything, right?  But wait, there’s more, a lot more!
The sign of the Son of man is only half of the problem.  And the truth is that Matthew 24 is only half of Christ’s answer to His disciples question concerning the sign of His coming and the end of the age.  In fact, the conclusion of His answer doesn’t come until the end of Matthew chapter 25, which is where His physical second coming to earth actually comes into view (end of the age).  You see, the trouble is that most scholars have concluded their study at the end of Matthew 24, because they don’t want to get tangled up in Jesus’ parables.  So they simply ignore the second half of His answer to His disciples question, and this has been happening for almost 2000 years now.  No wonder the rapture has become so controversial and confusing!  This is like throwing the baby out with the bath-water, because most of the clues He gave us are hidden in these parables.  And when we include His parables, then we can begin to see the true picture.  So let’s do a quick overview of these parables.
First we see the sign of the Son of man appear in heaven.  He is coming in the clouds, and then He sends His angels with a great sound of a trumpet to gather His elect.  The first parable He gave us is the parable of the fig tree, so that we may know which generation will see His coming; but then He said that we won’t know when He is coming.  So He warned that we must be ready, because His coming will be like it was in the days of Noah.  And from this point it gets very interesting, as He added something new into the equation.  “Then two will be in the field, one will be taken and the other left.  Two women will be grinding at the mill, one will be taken and the other left.”  And then He commanded us to watch, for we do not know what hour our Lord will come.  The parable of Noah tells us that judgment is coming again, but these parables indicate that there will be two judgments.  The first judgment will be the judgment seat of Christ for believers and we’re warned to be ready; and the second judgment is the judgment of the nations (second coming/end of the age).  Chapter 24 ends with a parable about His faithful and unfaithful servants.  Remember, this is only a brief thumb-nail overview.  My book provides a full breakdown.
Modern translators have divided up God’s Word into chapters and numbered the verses of scripture in order to make the Bible easier to study.  But we should be careful and not lose sight of the fact that Christ was not yet finished answering His disciples question about the sign of His coming and the end of the age in chapter 24.  You can easily verify this if you have a red letter edition Bible, but if not; Matthew 26:1 explicitly states that He had finished answering these things.  His answer continued all the way through chapter 25 with two more lengthy parables.  But before I discuss chapter 25, though, please allow me to briefly summarize the end of chapter 24, so we don’t lose track of what’s happening here.
At the end of chapter 24 it appeared that only half of His servants would be ready when the Son of man appears.  One will be taken, the other left…a faithful servant, and an unfaithful servant.  Now we continue reading the rest of His answer in chapter 25, as we come to the parable of ten virgins.  Five of them were wise and five were foolish, which also seems to confirm that only half of His servants will be ready.  Finally, He tells them the longest parable, the parable of talents, where He returns to reward His faithful servants.  All of these parables seem to relate to the rapture only, not His physical second coming to earth.  
The second coming doesn’t even come into view until the end of this final parable in chapter 25, which an overwhelming majority of Bible scholars don’t even include in this study.
The Bible says that history repeats and that God will call the past to account (Eccl. 1:9, 3:15).  Pardon my French, but this seems like deja vu in a way, because the Jews were not ready when Christ came in the first century.  They studied the scriptures diligently.  They even knew that Messiah’s coming was very near because of Daniel’s prophecy.  Yet when He actually came, only a few were able to recognize and receive Him.  And now we know that He’s coming again.  But this time, He has warned that His followers need to keep watch and be ready.  A light should be coming on right about now.  Most believer’s today believe or assume they are ready because they have received Christ as their Savior, but we shouldn’t assume every believer is a faithful servant.  Sure, they may all be saved, having received Christ, but contrary to popular belief, we’re not going to be rewarded for what Christ did on the cross.  Believing is only the first step in our salvation.  The shocking truth is that we are going to be judged and rewarded for the works we’ve done since/after we received Him.
2 Corinthians 5:10  “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.”
Matthew 16:27 For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.”
Revelation 22:12
And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”
Much confusion has been caused by excluding Matthew 25, which is the rest of Christ’s answer to His disciple’s question about the sign of His coming and the end of the age.  As a result, most assume His physical second coming is in Matthew 24, which is actually the rapture (our gathering).  While the second coming is found in the end of chapter 25, beginning in verse 31, where the King returns to judge the nations.  These are two separate judgments and according to scripture, He cannot judge the nations until He first judges the house of God (1 Pet. 4:17-18), and this is what we have been missing in the parables that scholar’s have neglected all these years.  In chapter 24, He warned His followers to keep watch and be ready, as He appears in the clouds, sending His angels to gather His elect (rapture), which is when He begins to render His judgment and reward His servants, followed later by His return and judgment of the nations (Matt. 25:31-46, Rev. 11:18).  Many teach that the entire Church will be raptured, but after digging deeper, I’ve discovered there are actually three different rewards for believers.  I like to think of them as (cold, hot and lukewarm).
Matthew 13:33 – Another parable He spoke to them: “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal till it was all leavened.”
Many believer’s will be caught off guard when He suddenly appears, much like those in the first century, who were waiting for a conquering King.  God’s people missed the Lamb that came to die for the sins of the world.  The love of many will grow cold when persecution begins and they will fall away before Christ even appears (Matt. 24:9-13, 2 Thes. 2:1-4).  Then two groups will remain when He appears, those who are ready and the lukewarm.  However, He also warned that He would spit the lukewarm out of His mouth as well (Rev. 3:15-16).  Few Christian’s realize that punishment is involved at the judgment seat of Christ (Luke 12:46-48).  The works of some will be all burned up.  They will still be saved, yet only as one escaping through the flames (1 Cor. 3:15).  It’s time to find out what it really means to be ready, and what will happen to believer’s who aren’t.  It’s time to unlock the hidden clues He left for us in His parables.  Get ready for an eye-opening view of the rapture in: WHO WILL BE READY WHEN THE TRUMPET SOUNDS?

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