Cryptocurrency Altcoin Season is about to Begin

I know this topic has nothing to do with Bible Prophecy or the endtimes, but I know that some of the Lord’s children are still in debt and need to be set free.  I’m not a financial advisor or even a crypto market analyst, but I have been studying the charts for a few years now and I’d like to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained to help some of my brethren get free.  However, I make no promises, so, as with any other type of investment, invest at your own risk. Today I’d like to tell you about NEO, a cryptocurrency based in China and is often considered to be China’s version of Ethereum, which is ranked #2 behind Bitcoin.  As of the time of this writing, NEO is currently priced at about $19.00.  I’m expecting it to at least 10X sometime near the middle of March.

UPDATE: Forget about the 10X in March.  I’m aiming higher now, but this will take a little longer.  I’m actually expecting it to hit at least $400 (20X) sometime in the middle of April.  Then it will move to the down side again before moving up again, and I will update this post then, with a buy back in price.  I plan on selling at the tops and buying back in when it drops again.  This is how I multiply my coins, and why I only choose the more volatile cryptos .

I do not charge for my predictions, but if my predictions end up blessing you, great.  However, if my crypto-insight blesses you, I will allow tips as a love offering, which again, is not required.  I will leave my crypto addresses for anyone who wishes to leave me a tip in appreciation for the gains they receive.  I’ll share my crypto addresses below now, but please wait until you are blessed financially before you try to bless me with a tip.  With that, let the fun begin.

Here’s my Crypto addresses:
Bitcoin: 1MQr1RPhYaHzFuHZQQogEPdNWdoaKEY5J4
Ethereum: 0x0d29f44f13f7167ed31ecd738eb8edbc88eb51c7
Litecoin: LYgYuwDLHWz7isc1MYaQ35gjFRPhgdCBU9
Bitcoin Cash: 1B8tZ5RWsr55yxZp56FhqBSnnSzcdDBxS2
DigiByte: DALNxPyK4bbFrfqjiyYYwMFtBA2mJd6TUH
Doge: DRg6gEPk2d8dUxgcLmRtiZ5CFQtQXhX8Jq
Pivx: DGF4fVSySzV9vYuvjFGwfe7BAtnxrfZtse
Tezos: tz1RaBRhx7k1TZzeCw7pkdahpdt1nM7tPjNe

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